DeeTee (deeteeuk) wrote,

Idiocy on Facebook (surprise!)

Some of you might have seen the proliferation of witless groups all over Facebook complaining about a ban on England shirts in England pubs. The one saying "It's funny how our flag offends you, but our benefits don't" is a personal favourite. And by favourite I mean shining example of lead paint licking stupidity.

As I'm sure some of you will run across it, here's what I've found so far. The Sun ran a report on the 3rd April about a "Bid to ban England tops in World Cup pubs". This idiotic non-story actually referred to a letter sent to Croydon publicans by the Met Police, giving advice to pubs on how to deal with potential trouble during the World Cup. One of the suggestions was that pubs could impose "dress code restrictions - eg no football shirts".

Note that. They suggested no football shirts. No ban. No mention specifically of England shirts. The article itself even says "Pubs are not obliged to follow the advice". I assume that particular piece of advice was for non-football pubs.

So far, so nothing. No-one pays any attention, the Sun goes back to telling everyone what Lovely Theresa from Wimbledon thinks about coalition government without her clothes, and their readers go back to bed.

Now for some reason, some mouth breathing right wing pillock gets hold of this today and starts complaining about this on Facebook. A few other groups spring up. Most of these groups are full of comments such as "immigrant scum", "this is england our england you came here you dont like it fuk off!!!!", and "fukc all the illegals and scrounging foriegn cnuts out of our home land.back too there mudhuts". Those three gems were in the first five comments on the wall of the group I mentioned earlier. They are posted without alteration.

I'm putting this here because I'm sure some of you will encounter this brain bleedingly stupid outrage at some point over the next week or so, and may wish to point out to some knuckle dragging halfwit, or misinformed friend, how much bloody nonsense this is. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, and all that.

If you feel up to reading the original story from which all this jackbooted drivel sprang from, just copy and paste this into your browser's address bar, and take the word IDIOT out of it. I don't want to post it as a link, as I've no desire for it to lead back here.

I just thought we'd won these fights ten years ago.

No pasaran.

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