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I'm not fighting.

It is this kind of shit that explains why I am fast falling out of love with Premiership football, and most high level football in Britain. I love the game, but the kind of baiting moron it can attract bothers me. I'm far more interested in St Pauli (mad German football team for lefty liberals and old punks) and cricket.

Football hooliganism is far less of an issue than it was, but it does raise its head occasionally. I do feel another objection to modern football though. My team are Arsenal. The cheapest tickets to a league game are £45, if you can get hold of them. For me and someone else to go, the whole day is likely to cost about £150. And when you do get there, you're up in the gods, and feel like a ticket number. When I go to the Millerntor (St Pauli's ground), I feel much more like part of the whole thing. I feel welcomed. Last time I went, I got chatting to some guy who couldn't believe I'd come over from the UK for this second division team, and was really excited by the idea. Pauli fans only get angry at the Neo Nazis, but they do manage to jump up and down, sing, shout and have a great time, without feeling the need to hit anyone.

I guess I can't help but feel a bit of a mug in relation to Premiership football. It feels like for every vaguely intelligent and likeable fan such as funnynamehere, there are a thousand baying morons. I'm tired of defending the game and those who follow it, really. My stock response to questions about football crowds seems to have become "Ah, but St Pauli are a bit different!" But then, how could you not feel that way about a club that protested when Maxim put up an advert at their ground, who run on the pitch to AC/DC, and have a drag queen for a chairman?

As for the cricket, a gruff harumph is about as much as you'd get out of a regular at the county games.

Some Pauli references for you all, because I know you're gagging to find out more about my obsessions: <- A video of Pauli fans making a load of noise and having a whale of a time. All fairly normal, if an impressive amount of noise for a small stadium. Until you realise it's not a league match, and it's not their small stadium. It's a five a side indoor tournament that Pauli entered a team into, and their fans came along to.
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